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Kwamena and Penelope Cudjoe in Accra Ghana







Founders of AMAC Foods – Penelope and Kwamena Cudjoe – are a Ghanaian-
American couple who started their company in the US out of love for Ghanaian and African dishes and the need to make cooking nutritious, convenient and easy for all.

Through AMAC Foods, they provide high-quality food products to domestic and
international clients and their key product, EasyN Tasty Jollof rice, was launched four years ago. EasyNTasty is a Ghanaian formulated prepackaged rice using unique blends of homegrown West African recipes dating back 150 years to produce two varieties, spicy and mild Jasmine and Parboiled Jollof rice.

Indeed, Penelope and Kwamena decided bringing AMAC Foods to Ghana would be
perfect during the Year of Return – a massive campaign by Ghana’s Tourism
Authority to commemorate 400 years since the first slave ship arrived in Jamestown, Virginia USA in 1619 and to reunite African-Americans and the Diaspora to their Ghanaian roots.

Pene says emphatically: “Our trip to Ghana was beyond our expectations.”


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Josiane Ndjock: Author and French specialist.








There is nothing perfect on earth…but in my opinion, if we really want to attribute such an idea to a human being, then it will go to women. Women are perfect for this moment in history. Research shows that when women are able to fully develop their potential in the labor market, their respective countries can grow their GDP. The world is yet to understand how valuable we are.

If there is any advice I would want to give, I would say: “Take a good look at yourself: you are Precious, Energetic, Radiant, Friendly, Efficient, Caring, Terrific = PERFECT”. Don’t accept the bad report you may receive from society. You can be so much more than you think! You could be the solution this world needs.

How do you get there?

1– Believe in yourself (you are talented, you are strong, you are smart = No man, not even the strongest can juggle with all your duties for a long time. You can wash, clean, cook, give birth, take care of children, of your man, of his family, of your family, of yourself at the same time and for as long as you live… That should tell you how strong you are).

2– Believe you can make it: (if you are able to do all the above with passion and patience, what is there that you can’t do? Remember when you don’t give up on hurts from your children, your man, his family, your family, the society and that you still find a way of moving forward, loving more and doing more, that’s the spirit of a winner. Don’t quit!)

3– Give yourself the chance to make it:
*Educate yourself: (learn, fight for knowledge; don’t let anything stop you from knowing more; not a pregnancy, not a guy, not even money. As a student, if you engage in a relationship learn about family planning. If your guy does not want you to study, then he doesn’t want your happiness, because knowledge is light! If money is the problem, then don’t be afraid to sell water, salt, or sweets, to help further your education… I know what I’m talking about).
* Get a job and become financially independent. Don’t stay home and be a receiver… Nobody values beggars! What happens if that man leaves you or dies? Who is going to take care of you and your family?… Learn to gain and share. VALUE lies in it. It’s not only about the salary, it is also because working helps build networks and opens doors to limitless and profitable experiences. It helps you grow as a person, to know that you are contributing to the development of your society in your little corner… Get a Job!
*Make God the center of your life: (respect God by following His commands, you will avoid a lot of misfortune in your life and you’ll give yourself a better chance to get where you want to be and where you should be… for instance, if you don’t steal, you stand better chances not to go to prison… if you don’t prostitute yourself, you stand better chances to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STD s…).

Have you failed somewhere? It is never too late… Where there’s life, there’s hope… So stand up and LEARN to get what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.

Good luck!

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I was in my imagination the other day when I saw a kid hanging upside down from a ladder. The kid was hanging upside down on the top rung of the ladder that was on top of the tallest building in our city. Tall as the communications antennae, used by the local TV station.

Should I stop and help this kid out?

Oh man, so much to be so much do, I thought. I could be on my way to Madison Square Gardens with my name in Lights.


I turned to take a second look. Then the view changed and I could see where he was stuck, where his ankle at the “Achilles’ Heal” had wandered around the hook under the last rung of the ladder. Or was it the first rung of the ladder. That depends on which way you look at it.

He was probably this rich kid who had everything and now was dumb enough to try this. Serves him right. Or was it that poor kid, who tried everything to reach the top, but made a mistake.

What does poor mean, poor in character or money. What does rich mean, rich in money or something else? I thought for a while.

Then I felt a tug again, but this time I felt it in my heart, not on my sleeve like I did the first time.

“Hurry before it’s too late.” The soft but urgent voice came over the lines of my conscience.

Then it won’t matter whether rich or poor. A kid is a kid.

Okay, okay, I will do something about this. I turned west of my trajectory and hovered around the kid that was hanging upside down on the top rung of the ladder that was on top of the tallest building in the city. Tall as the communications antennae, used by the local TV station.

“Hi, let me help you.” I said.

He did not resist as I put my arms under his armpits and fluttered up a little. That took the pull off his weak point and he by bending his knee, released himself.

“Wow, thanks a bunch.” He exclaimed.

With his eyes somewhat down, he said: “I’m sorry I wasted some of your time.”

He said: “I too was in my imagination thinking about what I could become in future when I got distracted by drugs. I tried cocaine. Do you have a minute while I describe what happened? Maybe it will be a lesson to others of vivid imagination to understand and not try it.”

“Go ahead, tell it.” I said.

He began his story by describing how he attached an imaginary string to the cocaine crystals. A lifeline.  It could be pulled by a well intentioned someone if he was going in too deep.

So he thought.

“I did not know, but the crystals were etched with the monogram of ancient civilizations. The meaning of the designs I did not understand. Neither was the intent, purpose, or constitution of it comprehended. Some claim to be able to decipher it, but only when in a state of euphoria.”

He continued: “I sniffed.”

“Into the cavity it went and attached itself to the wall of my nose. That’s okay I thought, it could rest awhile. But my knowledge of biology was wrong. It began to burrow into the soft tissue. Before long it was in my blood stream clinging to the cells for the free ride to my brain.”

“Cool! I thought.”

“No, crazy; should be the appropriate response.”

“Time was of the essence. Move now or forever hold thy peace. What? Where did that phrase come from? It is speak now or forever rest in peace. No, it’s: hold thy peace. It didn’t matter and even if it did, now was not the time to dwell on the origins of phrases.”

“Now was the time to save you from a self-inflicted act of nonsense. Doing drugs you think can be okay for you, but if you were a child of imagination you would have come to the conclusion that any invasion of the body by an outside entity would be taking a risk.”

“Here was God’s image and likeness sending an unknown craft into a space that had been explored by some but not by this well intention you. You, who wanted to be somebody, a missionary to the outer corners of the world, but now you are attempting to be the recluse in the limits of your mind.”

“As I pulled on the lifeline I turned upside down and did not know which way was up. I did not know what was right or wrong. Decisions, about family, decision about school, and so many other things to decide.”

“Then you passed by on the same road. I saw you and I heard you singing that song about being number one. You know the one that’s number one in the charts. I hoped you would help and you did.”

“Can we work together in our imaginations?” The kid asked.

“No, we better work together in reality. Drugs are a real problem!” I said.