To learn we must listen and for there to be meaningful change, it must come from the ground up. These principles have been applied by Mohandas K. Ghandi, Martin Luther King and other change makers of the world. We asked women the Woman is the Key question: In your life what have you noticed, that you canContinue reading “Voices”

The Way Forward

We want to encourage this generation and the next. The way forward, I believe is to learn from the past. Learn from the mistakes yes, but we should also take evidence of good things and use them. Use them as guideposts, so that we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel, as they say. I askedContinue reading “The Way Forward”

Set your Mind

We can never hear it enough. Hear what? Hear how to be successful. What is success? Success is the completion of your worthwhile goal. Remember. Your goal!  We are hoping that this time, maybe someone will resonate with you and be the spark to get you started or to keep you going. In many cases you knowContinue reading “Set your Mind”