Mother dear mother

If you travel to Mexico city you’ll see an inscription on a monument called: Monumento a la Madre that translates as: “To her who loves us before she meets us”. I loved that phrase the very first time I read it. What a beautiful testimony to motherhood that I just had to include in this post.Continue reading “Mother dear mother”


Nepotism is becoming a norm in Ghana and I believe it’s hurting our country terribly. I’m not saying it’s totally bad but when someone only gets a job because of their last name, what message are we sending across to Ghanaians? Graduates and competent individuals are finding it so hard to get jobs because ofContinue reading “Nepotism”

Two Beats of her ..Art

…artist Sophia Sobers, has spent the past few months in her own words: “fabricating, assembling, and prepping for two major events: an outdoor sculpture public art commission and her first solo show!” “I Walk, Therefore I Dream” ||195 Redevelopment Commission Located at the edge of downtown Providence, The Link (195 Redevelopment Commission) has selected six ofContinue reading “Two Beats of her ..Art”