Life leads us in different directions but it’s so lovely when your paths cross again.

I used to work with Nessa Dove in Maryland, until she went up to New York to pursue her music. We stayed in touch on social media, checking each others stories as often as we could.

Then we decided to collaborate on a song that led to other lives being put in the mixer. I’ve never met any of the others but with technology we’re able to do things together.

The song: Stay Strong is available on iTunes and other major platforms.

NESSA DOVE: Singer , Song writer


Woman Be The Key

Spoken word in Pidgin English with music, for the encouragement of women.


WOMAN IS KEY or Woman is important

Anyting she want do, she go fit

Anything she wants to do, she is capable of doing.

Eyes she go take see

She’ll use her eyes for vision. To see physically and perceive spiritually.

Nose she go take sense

She’ll use her nose to detect things. If it’s chicken but smells like fish, there’s something wrong.

Moff sabi fine vibe

Her mouth speaks gracious words.

She for teash har Papa, har Mama, har pekin also

She should teach her Dad, her Mom and her children as well.

I sabi my mission

I know my mission.

True talk no be lie

To speak the truth not lies.

Shun da damage

Stop destroying or damaging.

So ladies gbele your ears

So ladies open your ears or listen up.

Make you no fear

Don’t be afraid.

Make you bright pass the years

Shine throughout your life.

Make you bright pass gold

Shine brighter than gold.

Make you bright pass diamond

Shine brighter than diamond.

Make you bright pass anyting

Shine brighter than anything out there.

We are still in the month of March 2020 and it’s still Women’s history month. History is being made as we write. We are also in the middle of a big health challenge to planet earth. Women and men are working together to combat the corona virus, for the benefit of all of us.

Let’s give honor to where honor is due.


Pidgin English is a simplified grammar of the English language. It developed between groups of people who have no common language but understand English as a main language. In West Africa about 75 million people speak it.

This International women’s day, encouraging women has never been more important. We reemphasize and come at every angle, so that more minds will be creatively engaged.

Woman Be The Key

Anyting she want do she go fit

Eyes she go take see
Nose she go take sense
Moff sabi fine vibe

I sabi my mission
True talk no bi lie
Shun da damage

So gbele your ears

Make u no fear

Make u bright pass the years.

Make u bright pass gold

Make u bright pass diamond

by ken gwira