Kwamena and Penelope Cudjoe in Accra Ghana







Founders of AMAC Foods – Penelope and Kwamena Cudjoe – are a Ghanaian-
American couple who started their company in the US out of love for Ghanaian and African dishes and the need to make cooking nutritious, convenient and easy for all.

Through AMAC Foods, they provide high-quality food products to domestic and
international clients and their key product, EasyN Tasty Jollof rice, was launched four years ago. EasyNTasty is a Ghanaian formulated prepackaged rice using unique blends of homegrown West African recipes dating back 150 years to produce two varieties, spicy and mild Jasmine and Parboiled Jollof rice.

Indeed, Penelope and Kwamena decided bringing AMAC Foods to Ghana would be
perfect during the Year of Return – a massive campaign by Ghana’s Tourism
Authority to commemorate 400 years since the first slave ship arrived in Jamestown, Virginia USA in 1619 and to reunite African-Americans and the Diaspora to their Ghanaian roots.

Pene says emphatically: “Our trip to Ghana was beyond our expectations.”

Published by Ken Gwira

Ken Gwira is a self-taught artist living in the USA. Aside from wood sculpture, he uses words and images to help people see life through a different lens [o].

2 thoughts on “PACE SETTER

  1. This is a healthy and delicious rice. Pene is a go-getter and super hard working, driven woman who is inspiring to all who are lucky enough to meet her. Remember her name because you will be hearing more successes from this Woman.

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