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You use words like Bitches, sometimes Witches

Now’s the time to bring Stitches

Cos you hurt Me, and cut We, cut Us deep

So deep

A Plan Let's talk about

And man said

There was a time and there was a space.

There was a voice, God’s voice.

And God said: “Let there be light’: and there was light.”

So God spoke into existence.

Aside from light, God also made all creatures of the world.

But when God made man the human being, it was different. He said Man was like him. In his image, after his likeness. He created both male and female.

Now concerning the creatures, God gave opportunity to the man to name all of them. However, none of them were found to be meet for him.

To be meet is to fulfill or satisfy a need or requirement. In other words none of the animals God had created could satisfy the need of the human being God had created. The image of himself.

It is written that in order to create the woman, God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep. Then He took the rib of the man and created a woman. Then God brought her to the man.

On face value, it looked much like the naming opportunity the man had when the animals were brought to him.

Opportunity means a set of circumstances that make something possible.

But the man did not give her a name immediately. He did something else first. He said something that described her.  What she was and who she was to him.

Now the Hebrew word: “Said” used by the man when it was written in the book of Genesis, is the same: “Said” used by God in the creation account of the same book.

Consider that the bible says: “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.”

So God inspired Moses, the writer of the book of Genesis to use the word: “Said” in the same latitude and altitude for both the man and Himself to make a point. A point that must not be lost.

With this opportunity Adam spoke and also created something in time and space before him. That something was other than physical because the physical body was already before him. That something other than physical, defined the woman for the man. It would henceforth become both their reference points.

If they agreed on something, it would be like a reflection.  Image to image.

He said of the woman before him: “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.”

You are like me.

Maybe the sun was shining that day. Maybe not. But it was a new day, to do something.

Whenever your daughter, your wife or anyone else stands in front of you, remember the opportunity God is giving you to exercise your creative power. Then like the man, speak kind positive words into their lives. Create something in their time and space.

I do admit though, positive words will fade on occasion and may even go out like a flame after flickering hopelessly for a while.

But since the creation of time the light that God spoke, has never gone out. As it is written, the darkness cannot and will never overcome it.

In like fashion, do not let their lights go out, whatever the circumstances.

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