Good habit is great isn’t it?

If you keep doing it, it’ll lead you to a successful conclusion.

The problem then comes when there is a bad habit. So by definition, if you keep doing that also, you will succeed.

Think of it. If you keep doing something bad, you will succeed.

Now, have you considered the meaning of the word itself.

HABIT comes from HAB, part of the Latin word habeo meaning to have.

HABIT also comes from the Latin word habitare meaning to live.

Someone who has a drug habit for example, really has it and lives there!

Consider also some of the synonyms of the word habit: pattern, way, matter of course, rule.

People are not merely acting in a particular way, they are also in possession of it. In possession of the ingredient that allows whatever situation it is, to exist and to continue to exist. Continue to exist forever, if need be.

So next time a friend of yours becomes hooked on a bad habit, pray for them also. They need more than your help.

The idea here is for someone out there to make an observation about this topic and give it serious thought. Serious enough we hope, that will lead to a different set of actions or behavior.

Neurological pathways can be created in all brains along which behaviors run. A habit then, can become a character.

Consider this. When you go to your place of habitation, that is: where you live, there are many intricacies that make that safe place possible. Do you have a spouse that loves you and draws you near at least every evening if not during the day. Do you have children at home that bring a smile to your face and make demands on you even if ever so cute.

“Welcome home honey”: says your darling wife.

“Yo dad, take a look at what I made in school today”: is the usual from daughter or son.

“Home sweet home.” Isn’t that what you’re thinking? At least most of the time, right?

Did you know that an image of any kind can act like a physical object sometimes, depending on the state or intent of mind?

Now you know why your dear friend – the one from high school I mean, can’t get off of it. Can’t or won’t get off of that bad habit, because he or she actually lives there. They go home to it not just mentally, but physically too!

Dude, who are you kidding? This is the truth!

You know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, now you do.

I guess you’re thinking that this is just a play on the words. Yes it is, but the idea is to bring you to a new understanding of the problem. After you understand something, then hopefully a solution can be forth coming.

The solution may even come from you to help someone else.

Who me?

Yes, my friend You.

Hopefully you will no longer brush aside the addicts who just can’t or won’t stop.

We do not want to condone such bad actions of course, but for us to Stop now and Again to rethink this.

Published by Ken Gwira

Ken Gwira is a self-taught artist living in the USA. Aside from wood sculpture, he uses words and images to help people see life through a different lens [o].

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