Father’s Input

My daughter, I’m very proud of you finishing High School and preparing for college.

One of my designs as you know is: “Woman is the key”. Now this is an abstract term. So even as a woman, you still need to understand that: “Woman is the key.”

Up to a certain age boys and girls seem to be the same. I remember as a kid, a girl looked at me and warned that she would beat me up if I messed with her. I backed off quietly.

As we grow older, that changes. Boys grow into men and girls grow into women. However, the terms of reference erroneously remains in terms of physical strength. When men confront women with physical strength as they grow older, they overwhelmingly dominate. That leads to the conclusion in people’s thinking to a great degree, that there is an edge over women.

Women are not men.

My dear, you are not a man. You are a woman, beautiful and different. You may be weaker physically but you are not weak. You have your own strengths.

Do you find the best basketball player playing tennis, or the other way round?

I’m sorry if that’s a bad analogy. But you’re a a smart gal if I ever met one. Give me a good analogy to replace that one and I’ll write about it.

I’ve tried hard to move beyond the initial concept of “Woman is the key”. Who can talk about women better than women though. So, I will ask a woman. You!

“Woman is the key” was thought of in May 1981. That was 32 years ago.

How has it helped the world the way I envisioned so many years ago. Not as much as I had hoped. However, perhaps I had to grow and mature enough to stand firm and tell you and the world that: “Woman is the key to happines.”

Even though as a woman you are the key, you must be able to handle yourself well and not let another do it for you. Collaboration is okay, but manipulation is a no no!.

I don’t have the whole answer but together we can find it.

My dear, utilize what you have as a God given gift. Present it to the world, and when the world says: “I can do that!” or some other remark, don’t be deterred. Give more honor or weight to yours and you’ll be just fine. In other words: do the best you can. It’s God’s gift to you and he’s not in the judging business.

What then has God given you as a woman?

to be cont…

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Ken Gwira is a self-taught artist living in the USA. Aside from wood sculpture, he uses words and images to help people see life through a different lens [o].

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