New York Road Broadway Wall Street  - coloringcuties / Pixabay


Corn sells before its grown

As futures on a Wall for all

From Broadway to South street

Where flashing lights Colored or White

Glitter and shine for some

For others no glimmer of hope

Don’t Dilly don’t Dalí

For Life is the game that flitters

Up ladder Down the trash

There you knead dough for bread to feed


RIP they say when you’re dead and there’s no way

I’m a life to the highest defender

Not in chambers of court but in courts of Kings Queens

Brooklyn New York where love is spread their way 

Where super heroes from A to Z are pumping

Jumping higher than the rim of buildings

Like the Man with a web of friends & family

Alarm bells in my bowels turn vowels

Gesticulations under pressure turn liquid

Bottled and sold like a brand new Cola


I work hard to the degrees on a stage with my peers

Looking if I dance back to where I came from

Or climb higher than the Kitty Hawk Swift with my gift

As my head is now raised to see what’s appraised

Ken Gwira


Egg Legs Break Go Chicken  - EliasSch / Pixabay

We are all creatives, but we tend to leave the expression of that fact to the artist.

Now, take a piece of paper and put a mark on it or two or three, if you are bold. See, what is now before you never existed before. We artists usually take what you just tried very seriously. You however, may roll it into a ball and toss it in the trash. Better you throw it at your friend and their comment may be the new sound that never was before.