In May 1981, I created an artwork called: “Woman is the Key”.

Down the street from where my family lived in Adabraka, Accra; was an art gallery: The Loom. Encouraged by my father, I took the piece of art to show the gallery owner: Frances Ademola. It seemed my breath was held throughout the process.

Mrs Ademola took the artwork in her hand and paused.

Yes, she would display it.

For 50 good years, as we say in Ghana; The Loom has been a staple on the art scene.

We are honored and excited that she spent some time this week with us, sharing her insight and prediction for the art scene.

Published by Ken Gwira

Ken Gwira is a self-taught artist living in the USA. Aside from wood sculpture, he uses words and images to help people see life through a different lens [o].

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