NYC Solo Exhibition by SOPHIA SOBERS

POWER TOOLS is an immersive installation creating an intimate experience with the everyday objects that power our devices. Plugs, power strips, and USB chargers have been reimagined as large scale soft sculptures which double as interactive plush furniture inviting pause, relaxation and reflection.

SAT, DEC 1 6-9PM



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“The Prisoner”

It’s 6th March 1957, Ghana’s independence day. I was less than two months old then and can only imagine what the weather was like. Was it a beautiful day with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky? Then it may have been hot for some but to the free person it was a glorious light that shone in the darkness. Or perhaps it rained and then it would be wet for some but to the free, the rain quenched the parched soul and allowed you to grow to be who you wanted to be.

Of course I am imagining this, but the reality is, we all live in the present. The future is in our imagination, the day ahead is but an image hoped for, is it not?

Now that I am much older, I am able to use my gift of choice to see things in a fresh way. Am I hiding the reality of our economic or other problems? Perhaps. I cannot deny that for a moment I am pushing aside important issues. But unless you are able to think of two things simultaneously, I suggest that just for a moment, look at what can be. Then when we have solved a problem, we will have something to replace it with. Something better instead of being at a loss often times, with what solution to implement and we give up to accept the status quo.

But from what I heard of that day, it was as if I had a personal recollection of it. Oh what a beautiful day, so beautiful in fact that some described it as a new beginning, the dawning of a new era.

Each event usually has two ways of looking at it. The way we see it and the way others see it. If you have a positive outlook you often meet people who don’t. When we have a downcast attitude on the other hand, we are hopefully in the presence of people who encourage us to: “Look on the bright side.”

So today imagine your own day of independence.

“We will manage or mismanage our own affairs”, Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah is reported to have said.

Let us choose to manage our affairs and not mismanage them.

Today, can be the day of new beginnings. The opportunity for a fresh look at tomorrow.