Speak it Write it

Fly with me into a world of no limitations. It’s where creativity starts. But it’s also where creativity ends if you don’t believe it. Believe it for yourself before you try to explain it.

” . . . . ” is something you want said to the world, but it never left your mind. Only you heard it.

Nobody knows what you want to say until you tell it. Or write it.

Writing is when your thoughts float down on the page to land and rest forever.

Before they become etched into laziness, arrange and rearrange the words with the skill of whatever gift God has given you. Paint, sing, or dance on the paper before you, like a canvas or music sheet or wooden floor.

Words are like food. Okay to smell food, but much better when tasted and eaten. It’s okay to look at words, but better to read and understand them.

A blank page is like a clean empty plate. If you don’t write or speak, somebody doesn’t learn and if you don’t put food on the table nobody can eat. People need to be fed, and nourished both physically and mentally.

The sheet of paper that you write on is like a cup to drink from, or a plate to eat off. Now if some of your words are difficult to understand, it is like solid food which has to be chewed first before swallowing and then it can be digested. Don’t despair, wait.

The power of the written word is that you can carry it from place to place and let the world know what you mean. If it takes a while, stay and don’t be so quick to leave. You know, leave to that other mental world or place in time you never share.

When you run away, your genius remains your very own. Alas the world waits in vain.

I repeat, nobody knows what’s in your mind until you say it.

Now, if they are not listening it may not always be because what you are saying is nonsense. Nonsense for which the time you take to analyze the situation turns into an hour that quickly becomes a day. A day of no encouragement, you then come to your own conclusion. The conclusion that… sigh.

Well, we won’t go there today because you promised yourself that this time you would be positive.

“Why did I bother cooking if they weren’t going to eat?”, you ask.

But in reality, at least in this case they had just eaten.

“Yeah right!”, you think.

Wait my dear, wait.

Like a good chef with a plan, you can use the time to prepare the different courses. How about an appetizer or a drink to whet the taste buds before the main meal.

Words like food have to be eloquently prepared, in the oven of our experience.

For anyone to enjoy your meal, would it not be because you cooked and prepared it in a manner for people to digest and be nourished? So say something my dear child and if no one is listening write it down on a sheet of paper.

If after a while the guests are still not coming to eat, keep it in the fridge to be tasted later. Later, when they are hungry you can show them exactly what you mean.

Always do the best you can, the best you can.

You have done your duty as the keeper of knowledge each of us has in our innermost being waiting to burst out and spill everywhere with deep emotion. But you forget that people don’t eat off the floor. Take your time, put it on a plate and serve it with humility. Remember to ask if there is anything else you can get them.



Published by Ken Gwira

Ken Gwira is a self-taught artist living in the USA. Aside from wood sculpture, he uses words and images to help people see life through a different lens [o].

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