Ken the creator of Woman Is Key and I met during FestAfrica USA back in 2016. I was an intern then working under some brilliant women. I was the Model Coordinator and my job consisted of scouting models, contacting them, booking meeting rooms to host model calls and guiding models on how to walk, pose and so on.

In addition, I assisted Designers with fittings, the order of what designer will be going first in the show, the music playlist and so forth. My time there was very rewarding. 

After FestAfrica, Ken and I work alongside together doing various projects for one another. 

To me, Women is Key means: Women are essential to this world. Without a Woman there would be no creation of any kind. To be a Women means Power, Strength, Beauty, Modesty, Creativity and Resilience to name just a few. 

I heard a wise man say, A Dog can not be anything but a Dog, a Cat can not be anything else but a Cat; but as Human Beings we can become anything we put our minds to become. 

This photo is a glimpse of who I am. I love music, art, travel, languages, food and a lot of other awesome things. Everyday I learn something new about myself and for that I am truly thankful and blessed.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” -African Proverb

Be free, Live Free, in God we can do all things!!

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