I love meeting other artists and seeing their works. People interpret their creativity in widely different ways and so afford insight into how they take an initial concept and proceed to the final expression.

It was Monday September 30 and I was removing my wood sculptures at the end of my exhibition at the Arts Barn, in Gaithersburg Maryland. A lady introduced herself as one of the artists in the next show. She was Richardene Forrest-Thweatt a stone sculptor. Fascinating I thought, and made up my mind to see the full exhibit featuring all the artists.

JoEllen Murphy: Pastels.

Fall is here and so are the vibrant colors of nature. JoEllen Murphy’s pastels evoke the beauty of the time of year: many shades of red. Browns and yellows too. An award winning artist, JoEllen’s talent is shown in varying shades of color that blend or separate when and where necessary, within the confines of the area she has set for herself.

Last Import - 04
JoEllen Murphy talking about one of her works: “Grazing”

Domenic Cicala: Photography.

There is a trust that a person gives the artist as they sit or stand for an image to be taken. The depth of the photograph is then sometimes revealed. Often after many takes. In Domenic Cicala’s photos, you get a sense of insight into the subject and to borrow from the artist’s own quote, you are able: “To peer beyond the surface and extract some measure of the being deep within.”

Last Import - 14
Domenic Cicala

Richardene Forrest-Thweatt: Stone Sculpture.

When I think of stone, rock actually comes to mind. Rough, jagged and often immense. Richardene Forrest-Thweatt gently brings out the inner design only the artist sees and then shares with their audience. She creates beauty in colors that I thought were reserved for other art mediums. It’s fascinating to see the variety of colors and shades from stone.

Melissa Miller: Oils.

Melissa Miller lives in Maryland and describes herself as a southern painter. Her brush strokes reflect an independent and creative spirit. She has an ability to trust her emotions or feelings about a place visited and loved, then present a style that accurately reflects the intended painting.

The exhibition which started October 4, goes on till December 1, 2013.

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