My father was a diplomat for a while and that led my siblings and I being educated in different countries. Between us we have been to schools in Sierra Leone, Yugoslavia and England. As a basic standard we spoke English most of the time. But I do remember my father decided one day to speak to us in Fante: our local Ghanaian language. This he did often at first and then consistently.

So I tend to translate in my mind from Fante to English.

This can be very amusing in some instances. However, today on a serious note lets talk about habits.

When necessary, my father would warn me in Fante, that my behavior would stick to me or be stuck with me.

It’s not just the person who gets hooked, the habit also hooks itself on you.

Here’s an abstract thought: the habit refuses or is unable to quit.

My brother’s thoughts

  • Frederick Douglass once said: “When I ran away from slavery, it was for myself; when I advocated emancipation, it was for my people; but when I stood up for the rights of women, self was out of the question, and I found a little nobility in the act.”


We are all like trees.

We have roots, and even if they have been cut off, new ones can grow.

There are branches which like the mind must bear fruit, and the seed grow into meaningful objectives.

Like leaves, our archaic misconceptions must fall and become the manure to give us the strength to grow taller and stronger.

Ken Gwira.

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  • Do today what you would wish you had done, when tomorrow comes. So take care of today, to have a better tomorrow.