Woman Is The Key Question

WITKTV – In your life what have you detected, that you can communicate as a vision and give instruction to better women’s future. By so doing you can help touch the world.

ABOAGYE “MORE VIM” ANANE  (Musician) – Well, I have realised in our part of the world (Africa), women are not really given the opportunity to voice out their views and opinions about certain issues & affairs in our continent.

There is a saying that goes: ”What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do Better” so women should take a stand in decision making, development and most important contributing in nation building

Q Thanks for a good input. What stopped women from taking action before?

A – You are always welcome. I would say due to our traditions & culture women were relegated to the kitchen whilst the men made all the decisions.

If even the decisions did not go in the favour of women, they would just take it in good faith.

QHow difficult is it to change traditions and culture?

ATo be honest it is very very difficult because these things (Culture & Tradition), are part of us as a people and a continent but due to modernization women are now empowered to compete with their male counterparts.


AThrough Women Rights Movements and some NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

QFinally, how can we know if the new culture has been accepted by the people?

AHmmm, some have accepted some have not but to cap it all I think women now have a voice today.