Mother dear mother. The one who cares for you like no other.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a parent is a person who brings up and cares for another. This can be either mother or father.

Do you know your parents story? That story includes you, even if they do not articulate it very well to you or anyone else.

There is a story in the bible about Moses, an important jewish prophet who is credited with writing the first five books of the bible and leading the Israelites out of bondage onto freedom. Interestingly enough he was born at a time of great challenge when the Pharaoh or King of Egypt had ordered all male children to be drowned.

The King was getting rid of his problem but for Moses’ parents, it meant the death of their child.

Contrastly, for you or anyone else it could be an idea or hopes for your family that is at risk.

Is there an order of such magnitude that threatens your community or nation?

Life is sometimes like a game of chess in which there is an important chess piece called a king. The king can move in any direction to any adjacent space that is not attacked by the opponent. You have to checkmate the king in order to win. To check is to stop the progress of something, so that it cannot escape.

So, if you do not “attack” a space in your life, something else will move there. You must take aggressive action against evil to your family.

The good news is, in life both sides have a king piece. You are a king. Therefore, you do have the ability to stop undesirable activity and create a better outcome.

Let’s get back to the story about what happened to Moses.

The bible references people who exhibited faith. Faith is trust to take action for something you hope for. The reference includes the parents of the same Moses we are discussing. His mother and father saw something special in him and hid him from certain death. They were not afraid of what the King had ordered.

Do not be afraid to occupy the space or opportunity that a problem provides.

There are many stories that will be told and some that won’t. The choice is yours. Here’s one written here on Woman Is Key about the mother of a friend of mine: Mother dear Mother.


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