herstory: QUEEN OF SHEBA

In 1982, after carving for about a year, I decided on art works with earrings and necklaces. Made from one piece of wood.

In the thinking of a sculptor at the time, I wasn’t sure how to make it without breaking something.  So I showed the sketch to a tool operator in Ghana where I was living at the time. Based upon the technique they use in making furniture I had my answer. He released the idea from improbable to the possible.

The decision for the name was because I read about the story of a wealthy Queen of Sheba in the Bible. The queen went on a journey to visit a King of Israel named Solomon who was reputed to be also wealthy and the wisest person alive.

Queen of Sheba decided to prove for herself if the accounts of King Solomon’s wealth and wisdom were true. She would test him by asking him to solve  some riddles. It was so important to her that she took a lot spices and jewels as a gift to King Solomon. So much so, it is recorded in the Bible that there has never been more gifts given since.

The story is also found in the Qurʾān, the Talmud and Midrash and also Ethiopian literature.

This black history month will you use every method to go and gain the knowledge needed to advance yourself?

How much will you indulge your Time, using your Talent and spending your Treasure for answers and more knowledge?

Because gaining information can potentially get you whatever you need, to help your family, advance your community, define your city and change your nation.

Perhaps, forever.

Published by Ken Gwira

Ken Gwira is a self-taught artist living in the USA. Aside from wood sculpture, he uses words and images to help people see life through a different lens [o].

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